Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sometimes it is best to just start over

I knit my husband a pair of socks for Father's Day 2009.  Ok, to be honest, I gave him the wool on Father's Day 2009 - He got the socks four months later in October.

I digress.

He loved those socks and wore them all the time. 

I darned the heels at least twice - but still - there they were in the darning pile again - and it just wasn't going to work.

Maybe I could just cut out the heel and knit an afterthought heel?

Snip.  Snip.

The snips got bigger and the wool wouldn't unravel.

I thought about just throwing them out.  I curled them up ready for the garbage. 


He really likes those socks.

And I hate throwing out things I have spent time and love on.

So I cut open the toe and started to unravel.  I unraveled all the way back to the start of the heel. 

I picked up the 72 stitches, and figured out where I was in the pattern. 

That took a couple of hours. 

This is what knitting has taught me.

Sometimes you can fix something that is broken. 

Sometimes you can throw it away.

But, sometimes?

Sometimes you have to start over.

Maybe not all the way over, but go back to before the mistake was made.

And start to knit it up again. 

I really did do this tonight with this pair of socks.


But, this post isn't really about socks at all.

Friday, August 21, 2015



As in those nagging thoughts that bounce against my astral body

Annoying mosquitoes

Trying to get in

Trying to taste blood

Sometimes succeeding

Tiny thoughts requiring vigilance and resolve.


As in those moments of pure bliss

Eating warm apple pie

In the sun

A good book on my lap

Tiny moments of gratitude


As in the little people

That hide things just out of sight

Or tease me with their fleeting shadows

Reminding me that all that there is

Is not all visible

Tiny people creating magic and mischief.


As in me

Alone in this big sky

This universe

This dust mote of an existence

Tiny for this briefest of lives.

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