Friday, June 10, 2016

I can see!

Eye surgery went so well. I can see again and everything is very bright.

On the downside, I can also see how dirty the bathroom floor is. (I'll deal with that later...maybe Sunday).

Thank you for all the prayers and positive thoughts. They obviously worked.

I can read without glasses again, and the television guide is readable once more.

Sight is awesome.

And, I finished by test-knit last night so had to take a picture with himself.

He looks pissed and as soon as I took the picture he left the couch in a huff.

Some cats like to photobomb knitter's photographs.

But not Otis.

He is too cool for such shenanigans.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

It's Wednesday!

So it must be time for a HodgePodge. Check out other Hodgepodgers here.

1. I read here a list of 13 things you should do in June. I'm paraphrasing a little but basically...

Go on a road trip with your best friend, pick fresh strawberries, host a garden party, take a morning run, treat yourself to a flower bouquet, spend a whole day hiking, discover a new coffee shop, try a new ice cream flavor, read at least one book, visit a Farmer's Market, make a swing for your home, and visit a new city.

Which thing on the list do you most want to do? Of the activities mentioned, which one holds the least appeal? How many on the list will you attempt in June? What's one thing you'd add to the list?

Most likely, meaning I have already planned, pick fresh strawberries with my honourary grand-daughters, and least likely to host a garden party. Have you seen my garden? Not gonna happen.

I will read a book, go on a road trip with my dh, discover a new coffee shop, go to a farmer's market and maybe buy some flowers. What would I add to the list? Heal the things I've broken, speak the words unspoken. (line from a Stephen Fearing song that has been going around and around in my head this past week.

2. What's something you could do today to feel more peaceful?

Have a hot bubble bath. Yup, that's what I will do today.

3. June 7th is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. Are you a fan? Swiss mocha, rocky road, chocolate chocolate chip, peanut butter and chocolate, or a dish of plain chocolate...what's your pleasure?

Mint chocolate chip. For a while I liked the Sea-salt and caramel, but now I am back to Mint Chocolate Chip.

4. If you came with a warning what would it say?

Caution: Cries easily. And often..

5.What's the most interesting website you've visited in the last week?

The International Buddhist Temple.

6. Spring, summer, autumn, winter...which season are you? Why?

Autumn. I was born in the Autumn. I love the Autumn. I think I am like the changing colours of the leaves - predictable and wise and yes, beautiful, in their demise.

7. "You lose sight of things...and when you travel, everything balances out." ~Daranna Gidel

Would you agree with that sentiment? Explain why or why not.

Yes, I do agree with this sentiment. When I travel I remember that I am braver than I think, and I remember how much I love the geology of this earth. I am too much of a homebody so travelling definitely helps balance that out.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

People come and go from your life
Weaving in and out
Some are the warp
and some the weft
and at the end of my life
they will have made an intricate
fabric that is unique
and mine alone.