Monday, July 18, 2016

A Year of Projects - Week Three

Well, this week was mostly about spinning - and I am spinning 100 gms fine so it seems to be taking forever.

None-the-less here is my progress. I split it into about 50 - 2 gram slivers (25 of each colour)

and so far so good:

I did manage to spin a little every day so I am still spinning with Tour de Fleece. I plan to chain ply this when I am done (if I am ever done) so that I can keep the colour changes separate.

I knit a section of the sampler shawl with homespun I showed you last week - tada!

I managed a couple of more tiers on the diamondback socks but not enough to warrant a photo. AND, I did cast on another pair of Tour de Sock socks, but when I say cast-on, that is all I've got, cast-on stitches, not even joined the round up yet.

I frogged the sixteen inches of progress on my gray sweater (for the second time) because clearly the alpaca wool and the gauge I was using were not working together. I will now hunt out a new pattern for this yummy soft wool. I knit about four inches at the music festival on Friday afternoon, and then frogged it at the Friday evening concert. My great-nieces thought this was quite fascinating (and I think they thought I had lost a few marbles).

But the piece de resistance was the hemp pot holder (chinese seal for sheep) I started and finished over the thirty hours I spent listening to music at the folk festival on Saturday and Sunday. I was using stash and ran out of hemp before the final border, but hey, it's a pot holder, not something to hang in The Louvre!

Sometimes with great-nieces on my lap!

They seemed impressed with the speed in which I knit so I think I redeemed myself after the whole frogging incident of Friday night!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

A year of Projects - Week Two

This week has been all about spinning because I am participating in Tour de Fleece which is a Ravelry challenge where I am to spin every day the riders are riding. (get it? Tour de France? Tour de Fleece?) I have spun six days in a row, which for me is a record.

I have spun about 100 gms of plied wool. The first bobbin was a two ply,

and the second was a three ply. I had to Chain ply, or Navaho ply, the last bit because two of my bobbins ran out before the third one.

I also plied a small amount of yarn I had on my drop spindle. I used the Andean hand-plying technique which was very quick and easy.

And then I knit with my homespun, because I am knitting a shawl only with handspun.

I also catalogued all my fibre stash so now I know where it is and it is entered into my Ravelry database so I can keep easily keep track of my progress.

This week I also added two more squares to my sock yarn blanket, 685 done out of 780 needed. The end is in sight!

And I got to tier two on my Diamondback socks.

because I am knitting the mate to this


All this amidst missing cat (who is now found), and swimming, and the odd sinkful of dishes!

Stay tuned every Sunday for an update on my Year of Projects. You can see my list by clicking on the featured post on the righthand side of my blog.

Okay, off to spin a little before yoga to add to this that I started last night.