Sunday, August 20, 2017

Yop Update eight - Nothing to see here

The title of this blog might be a tad misleading.  I don't have any finished objects to show but that doesn't mean there hasn't been knitting, and other things.

I have finished all the pieces of Monsieur Bookworm, but alas he is languishing in a pile of pieces waiting to be sewn together.

And because I didn't feel up to sewing him together (such fiddly work) I start the Lemur and got his body done


I felt the urgent need to cast on my Antarktis with my new MaryAnnes Sparkle yarn.

And then, since I just felt the need for a challenge I signed up for Knitterarium's latest test knit, which meant I HAD to go buy some lace yarn for the contrasting colour to the lace I showed you last week.

I hand wound the lace I got last week - 1200 yards - and it took me the good part of an hour.  My yarn winder doesn't like large balls of lace so the is why the hand-winding.  On the plus side I know what I am asking my husband to get me for my next birthday!

I have finished the first repeat and I am half way through the second, but I can't show you my progress because it is a secret until the pattern is published.  The deadline  is September 11, so that will be my focus this coming week.

So that is my week - a little of this, a little of that.

Oh, and I got my haircut.  Nice and short for swimming. There is a new pool close to my house that is fantastic.  I am getting to the pool every other day for a good mile swim.  I love it.

I also bought a swim-buddy so my husband can keep track of me when I head out on a lake or in the ocean.

It is tied around my hips and floats behind and above me so boaters , paddlers, but mostly my husband, can see me from afar.

And I finally booked an appointment for a tattoo next week which I will unveil to you next Sunday.  I have wanted this particular tattoo for about 16 months - and, well, no time like the present.

Let's see, what else?

We picked 33.5 pounds of apples off of our tree last night - so I will be freezing apples for winter pies (and eating lots just as they are).

So there is my week.  I guess the title was a tad ironic!  To follow my other wonderful yopping companions click here

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Update 7 - Meet Anxious Bunny

So I finished the bunny on Wednesday.  I tried for two hours to get her mouth to have a happy expression but it just wasn't working - so - meet my anxious bunny. Sad in the comfy deck chair...

She is very cuddly and the perfect use of my alpaca yarn.

Now I am on a soft toy kick and I have started an Alan Dart pattern from the same magazine as the Unicorn and the Bunny.  Prof. B. Wormington.  He is a book worm and I am almost finished the body.  Nice mindless knitting (although I image the little eyeglasses and professor's tasseled mortar board are going to be tricky).
I also spent an afternoon looking at and resisting buying more Alan Dart patterns from his website, but oh my the Noah's Ark and Advent Tree and Nativity Scene are much too cute.

I did find a pattern for HOCOCO, the lemur, a free Alan Dart pattern for charity and it will be perfect for the rest of my brown alpaca.

I finished washing my friend's fleece and received some lovely yarn to make the Antarktis Shawl on my list.

Can you see the name of the yarn?  It was meant for me all along!

I also got a skein of 1200 yards of light purple lace weight from her stash.  Oh the possibilities are endless.

I have washed some baby doll fleece for myself, but I haven't yet followed up on that drum carder.

Last night the rain's finally came and washed the smoke out of the sky.  Today has been a lazy day as we are recovering from having one set of guests for breakfast, another set for lunch and then going out to listen to my brother's band play at a bar last night.

And to top of our Saturday experience we came home around 11:30 to find a big black bear in our neighbour's front yard, right beside where we parked our car.  Eek!

So that is my week.  If you want to follow other yoppers check out their progress here.  

I will leave you with another look at the oh so sad bunny.  Sad out of the comfy deck chair....

Sad in the living room (but to be fair I wouldn't let her watch the television).