Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hodgepodge Wednesday

I haven't played for a while and I thought I would jump in today.

1. Share a favorite memory of your mother or share a favorite something from your own life as a mother. If you're a mother (or stepmom) tell us how your experience as a mom differs from your own mother's experience.

A favourite memory of my Mum is going to the A and W drive-in for a Teen burger. We would bring our German Shepherd and Mum always ordered an extra beef patty for her. One of my favourite memories as a mother was being in a tent at the edge of the Okanagan Lake in between my then six and three year old children while they were sleeping and I was listening to them breathe and the lap of the water on the shore.
As for how we differed as mothers? She was a stay at home mother, and I went back to work part-time when my children were small. She had six children, compared to my two. That is a huge difference!

2. In May we celebrate teachers (May 9) and nurses (May 6) both. Most every family has at least one in their midst, so tell us something (or a few things) you appreciate about the teacher or nurse on your family tree.

My eldest sister was an Elementary school teacher and she has the most beautiful singing voice. My second eldest sister taught at the University level and always, always was looking out for the marginalised students. I was a teacher too. I guess it runs in the family.

3. Chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad...which would you go for if all three were on the menu? On bread or a bed of lettuce? If you answered bread, what kind of bread would make it the perfect sandwich?

This could have been my answer to a favourite memory of my Mum. She made the best egg salad sandwiches, on white bread. I try and try to make them like she did, but hers are still a fond memory.

4. Do you have a desk? Is it organized? If so, share your secret to keeping it that way. If you don't have a desk, where in your home do you take care of family paperwork and business? Where do you normally sit to blog?

Yes I have a desk, but I never sit at it - it just holds stuff like my printer, knitting patterns, bills, and odds and end. When I had a desk as a teacher it was always a terrible mess. I would clean it up periodically to be a good role model for my students but within a day it was a mess again. Every class I had always had one student who would finally reach the breaking point with my mess and come and organize it for me!
I pay bills and blog (and knit) on the couch.

5. When I was nine years old....

I was in Grade Four with the same teacher I had in Grade Three. She seemed ancient but was very kind. It was a new school for me and they were using rods to do math and I never could figure out how they worked. Ironically I am now a math tutor!

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I have missed HodgePodge. I like the new five question format, and I will try to be more regular in my participation. I didn't know May was the month for celebrating teachers, but I will be thinking of all the mothers and mothering people I know come this Sunday which is Mother's Day in Canada.

Here is my favourite picture of me and my Mum. I think this was her 70th birthday so I was 37:


  1. It's Mother's Day in the US this weekend too. Happy Mother's Day to you! So nice to see you in the HP today. I think everyone is finding six questions more manageable than eight. I know I am : )

  2. Hi...I'm your next door neighbor on the Hodgepodge list! I think I am nearly the last one to link up so far. I enjoyed your answers, especially one about getting the extra burger for the dog! I have two little wiener dogs and they are little beggars too! Enjoy the rest of your week :)

  3. Sweet photo of you and your mum! I enjoyed reading your hodgepodge! Hope your week is going well.

  4. Nice to see you here. Lovely pic of you and your Mum. Happy Mother's Day - we've already celebrated here in the UK.

  5. I loved your answers, and that is a lovely photo of you with your mum :-)

  6. Your desk sounds like mine! :-O


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