Sunday, October 15, 2017

Yopping 16 - ALL about the blanket

Well I did it - I finished knitting all the squares for Iona on Tuesday and Wednesday I started to join the squares and then the strips together. 

Last night I added the final strip and then picked up all the stitches from the waste yarn so I am ready to start the edging today. 

I currently have 716 stitches on 4 circular needles (one per side) and I will knit one set-up round increasing to 744 stitches before I start the i-cord. 

I am very happy with the colours I chose and the i-cord will be in the gold colour. 

And then there will so many ends to sew in.

Other than that this week I started teaching a history block to a Grade Seven class for two hours a day, I have been driving around my courtesy car waiting on my own car to get fixed, and my dear husband returned home after spending an extra week with our son, and then six days camping his way home to me. 

The laundry is done, the groceries are in, and after I finish my school prep for next week lessons.  I will be on the i-cord train.  I am curious how much of the gold yarn the i-cord will take.  I have 76 gms left so I am confident that yarn chicken will not be in my near future. 

(Famous last words.)

Then I will start Dying of the light  that I am eager to cast-on and also a pair of Katniss socks

This monogamous knitting is too, well, monogamous for me.

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Yopping 15 - The good and the bad

Short and sweet today, because I am off to Thanksgiving dinner in a couple of hours and I have knitting to do.

I only have 2 1/2 more squares to do on the Iona before putting it all together.  I managed a square a day (except Friday - because I was busy busy busy until bed).

Of course Friday may have been a write off because this happened on Thursday night as I was leaving my Knit Group.

Yup.  My fault.  Turned too soon and the post didn't get out of the way.  Stupid post.

I have a courtesy car now and my car is in the shop.  Thank God for insurance.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Yopping # 14 - White Rabbit

It is the first day of a new month and therefore White Rabbit must be said to bring good luck for the rest of the month.

Ok, superstition aside let us get on with the week.

It has all been about the Iona blanket.  I am motoring through and have finished six more squares.

I only have eight left to go before putting it all together.

The putting together should be relatively easy because I have left live stitches on all my squares - so - yay for not having to pick up stitches!!!

I am in a wip-along to finish this by the end of October.  That is totally doable if I don't get waylaid by casting on new projects.


Knit City happened yesterday - and I just went to look and came home with:

1) hemp for another double-knit zodiac potholder

2) a pattern for a christmas present for my son

3) some Pima cotton for a few more Knitted Knockers

4) some gorgeous sock yarn - called The Road Less Travelled

5) yarn to make another of Knitterarium's shawls  - Dying of the Light

Ancient Arts is another of my favourite yarn companies.


but I can cake it, and pet it, right?

I think I forgot to mention last week that while I was on the little island I picked up some yarn at the free store (it really is a free store - re-cycling/re-using  at its ultimate finest). - Two partial skeins of baby yarn:

And a little friend gave me the cutest thank you gift for looking after her fish while she was away.

and lastly a dear friend brought me this scarf from her travels.

Can you tell all the white spots are little sheep?

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I am off to cast on square 28.

The faces of grief

I know eight parents whose children have died before their time.
Nine if I count my grandmother
Whose son died far too early
And I was too young to know how truly young a forty nine year old is

I know two mothers each of whom had a  daughter die
Days before she was to be born
Years ago, and yet their private grief is etched into their hearts

I have seen wives lose husbands, and heard the grief in their voice as they mention his name.

I have seen a father so torn with grief over the loss of a daughter that he can only bury his head in this hands unable to look up for what must seem like interminable hours.

I have seen the face of a friend wrapped in a towel  The resolute look on that beautiful face.  The selfie of a brave face etched with grief from the loss of her breast.

I have seen my own grief in a mirror's reflection
My face distorted
The ugliness of my tears so vivid that I can only stare at the visual representation of a breaking and broken heart.

I have heard the wailing of my grief, my voice unrecognizable.

I have held others as they wailed, giving voice to the unthinkable. 

And yet.

And yet there are those still moments of laughter, of carrying on, of, what?





Those moments when memories can flood in from a time when we were full of hope and innocence.

Before the world was lost and too real. 

Before death had the final say. 

As I walk past strangers I see grief etched on every face.

Except the faces of the very young. 

And it is those faces that make me brave enough to carry on and to know that what my mother said to me all those times over all those years is true.

This too shall pass.